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Suicidality: A Roadmap for Assessment and Treatment


Suicidality: A Roadmap for Assessment and Treatment

Written by David V. Sheehan MD, MBA and Jennifer M. Giddens


The search for and development of medications to specifically treat suicidality has lagged behind other major public health conditions. Yet suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the USA and the 15th leading cause of death worldwide. Clinicians and researchers become alarmed when patients discuss suicidality. As a consequence, suicidal individuals are routinely excluded from clinical research studies. There are ethical, institutional, and funding barriers to pursuing research on suicidality. This book lays the foundations for the scientific search and investigation of anti-suicidality medications. We offer new models to more accurately understand and assess suicidality and propose a roadmap to initiate the search for new specific treatments.

Please note: the phenotypic suicidality disorders classification and criteria in this book has been updated with 2 additional suicidality disorders.  This eBook comes with a download of an additional file containing the updated phenotypic classification and criteria for suicidality disorders.

For ease of navigation, this document has many internal hyperlinks between the graphics and the related text and between the text and related text.  It contains bookmarks and has a search / find function.  These internal hyperlinks and bookmarks are only available when viewing the product in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro, but not when viewing the product in page preview.

Please note: downloading the eBook or other file is not a license agreement for use of the scales, classification, or other tools in the eBook.

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Chapter 1.1 is available for view in the supplementary resources on ResearchGate.


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