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Suicide Plan Tracking Scale (SPTS)

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Suicide Plan Tracking Scale (SPTS)

Developed by Jennifer M. Giddens and David V. Sheehan


The Suicide Plan Tracking Scale (SPTS) is designed to capture many details of suicide planning and to allow clinicians to track suicide planning over time. The SPTS covers 7 domains of suicidal planning:

• suicide method
• suicide means
• suicide location
• suicide date
• suicidal intent
• incomplete preparations
• people involved

It offers the patient a way to share the details of suicide plans with their clinician. It provides the clinician a format to better understand the extent of patient’s suicide planning. The use of the SPTS can help the patient get appropriate, individualized care, which may help them be safe.

Please note: purchasing a download of the SPTS is not a license agreement for use.

You will be allowed to download this scale twice.  Any additional downloads will require additional purchase.  This scale is in PDF format.  You will need a PDF reader to view the scale.  You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC here.


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