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Sheehan & Giddens Suicidality Phenomena Definitions 8/8/16


Dr. David V. Sheehan & Jennifer M. Giddens Suicidality Phenomena Definitions 8/8/16


The Sheehan and Giddens definitions were created to fix the issues present in the nomenclature systems of suicidality phenomena definitions currently available.  While critically reviewing the nomenclature system in the United States Food and Drug Administration’s 2012 draft guidance for industry on the assessment of suicidal ideation and behavior in clinical trials, Sheehan & Giddens realized there were a number of instances of suicidality that would not meet the current definitions (a type 1 error) and there were instances where the definitions were unintentionally over-inclusive (a type II error).  They felt it was important for proper definitions of suicidality phenomena to be available which corrected the issues found in this and other nomenclature systems.

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